Zino Jewellery Size Guides

We want your Zino Jewellery to be the perfect fit so we have a ring size, bangle size and necklace size guides to help you get the perfect match.

Please note that there is no substitute for getting yourself measured in a shop professionally!

Whilst we make every effort to be accurate in our design and building process the very nature of the bespoke jewellery means that some room for adjustment should be accounted for in your measurement estimations.

UK ring size measurements chart in mm.

Ring Size Circumference (mm)
A 37.8
B 39.1
C 40.4
D 41.7
E 42.9
F 44.2
G 45.5
H 46.8
I 48.0
Ring Size Circumference (mm)
J 48.7
K 50.0
L 51.2
M 52.5
N 53.8
O 55.1
P 56.3
Q 57.6
R 58.9
Ring Size Circumference (mm)
S 60.2
T 61.4
U 62.7
V 64.0
W 65.3
X 66.6
Y 67.8
Z 68.5

Ring Size Guide

Buying a Zino Jewellery ring is proud moment, so it’s important to make sure you find the perfect fit. This ring size guide offers helpful tips to finding your ring size with ease. Whilst we aim for perfection, due to the nature of bespoke jewellery, we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy when producing your bespoke jewellery.

Don't forget there are lots of ways of finding out your exact ring size, such as popping into a shop for a measurement or referring to one of the many fitting guides available on the internet.

When ordering your ring please select your ring size based on the ring size guide here.

Bangle Size Guide

All Zino Jewellery closed bangles are standard medium size 21 cm / 8 inch circumference (around the hand ) and 65 mm / 2.5 inch diameter (inner size of bangle) when you measure your hand, as in the instructions above if the material tape reads the measurements as in the photos on the bottom of page ,then the zino bangle will go over your hand ,larger and smaller bangles can be custom made on request ​ Alternatively  if you already have a bangle that fits over your hand, measure the diameter ( inner size of bangle ) as in bangle pic above on the right hand side, if the  measurement reads 65 mm / 2.5 inch then the zino bangle will go over your hand.

UK chain size guide

Size inches
Small 20"
Medium 22"
Large 24"
Extra Large 26"
Extra Extra Large 28"

Chain Size Guide

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