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Welcome to Zino UK Jewellery


Beautiful custom handmade unique and bespoke items designed and created by Kenn Barnes.

All my work is based on the assumption that there is no assumption.


Self taught silversmith with no concept of right or wrong, if I can make a stunning piece of jewellery using traditional / untraditional or even unconventional methods and it looks beautiful and fit for purpose then the item is complete.


Most of my jewellery includes the very soul of the working process.  Therefore I like to leave the casting, hammering, filing and abrasive marks on most of my work so that you can imagine the journey of the finished piece.


Many customers have commented on how Zino UK Jewellery feels very tactile and satisfying to hold and touch with a special presence, as if the jewellery has chosen itself to be with the new owner.


So whether you choose one of my own designed range of bangles, bracelets, pendants or necklaces or you require that one off, one of a kind custom order.


I am sure Zino UK Jewellery will have a unique bespoke piece waiting to be made especially for you.

If you can imagine it, or dream it, i will find a way to make it


The making process of a custom pendant and chain